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    Annual Reviews 2018-2019

    Dear All,

    A very warm good morning to each one of you. On behalf of SBS, I congratulate everyone on SBS turning 9 years today. This is the first Annual celebration we are celebrating outside SBS premises, past years has been very special in many ways. I humbly thank all the Partners, Clients, Employees, Interns, families of the partners and employees, Government Authorities, Associates and other Stakeholders, who have been a constant support to the organisation right from the inception. I wish the entire team will have their prayers and blessings going forward too.

    Let me also take this as an opportunity to reflect the past year and plan for the year ahead. 

    We had certain important milestones in the past year. We have achieved a growth rate of 100% in revenues compared to the last year and this is a great sign that our efforts are being paid off. It is our pride to state that continuing our growth story, we have added significant number of new clients from various industries. 

    In continuation of ongoing efforts to use IT as a backbone for the operations of the firm, we have upgraded our IT infrastructure opting for Microsoft O365, thereby able to store the data into the cloud and making it easy for the entire office to collaborate. I am glad to state that transition to the new platform was smooth and I take this opportunity to congratulate Mr Murali and Mr Harsha who have taken a vital role in this transition. I assure you that by end of this year, the entire office including branches will be on the O365 platform to enhance the collaboration and address the security issues and going forward we will able to provide access to the clients for their respective data, in a seamless way.

    The Audit & Assurance wing has come with a detailed ‘Audit Handbook’, which serves as a guiding tool for the interns as well as the organisation. I would like to congratulate Mr Sandeep Das and Mr Bhyrav for their persistent efforts in rolling out the ‘Audit Handbook’. I would recommend every intern who has joined the organisation to go through the book to enhance their understanding pertaining to Audit & Assurance functions.

    The progress of SBS Sankalpp is quite inspiring.I am glad that the past year has seen the launch of official website of Sankalpp and witnessed the celebration of first anniversary. With the unconditional support from internal and external teams, we were able to contribute a bit to the society. I wish we continue the same through SBS Sankalpp in ensuing years.

    The past year has certain significant success stories. Mr Sandeep Das, Head of Audit & Assurance Practice has upskilled as Certified Internal Auditor and I congratulate him on this achievement.

    Mr Rajesh, Head of Debt & Equity Practice has upskilled asan Insolvency Professional, a mandated certification to practice in Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code. I congratulate him on his success.

    Ms Disha, Mr Sameer and Ms Bhavani have earned the prestigious professional membership. I congratulate them and my hearty welcome to the club. Those who are a step away from becoming the member, I wish you all the very best and hope you would achieve the same in this year. 

    In the past year, I am glad that our interns have conducted 70 training sessions on Saturday’s and contributed 36 articles in the ‘Interns Digest’, the monthly journal released by Interns. Interns being the back-bone of the organization, have shown good writing and oratory skills, by virtue of the articles contributed to the Interns Digest and also through training sessions. Further, these training sessions played a major role in grooming the interns for presenting themselves as a speaker in National Conventions organized by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. I congratulate the entire team of interns on this achievement and hope that it would be a source of inspiration to the fresh interns. I would like to appreciate Mr. Bhyrav and Mr. Sandeep Das for their continuous efforts and patience to release the interns digest regularly. I would like to congratulate Ms. Madhuri who participated in National Conference held at Hyderabad and stood as a role model for the fresh interns.

    I would also take this opportunity to congratulate the entire team on successful completion of 4 years of SBS Wiki, the monthly journal released by Partners. I convey my sincere and best wishes to Mr Ramprasad, Mr Manindar, Mr Sandeep, Mr Harsha, Mr Phanindra & Mr S V Ramachandra Rao for their continuous contributions to the said journal. A special applaud for Mr Harsha for his consistent efforts to ensure seamless rolling out of SBS Wiki every month.

    This year, we also witnessed the launch of SBS i, an informative and instantaneous update to clients informing them about the dynamic changes in the laws which effect their business. I congratulate Mr Ramprasad for his idea and implementation of SBS i. 

    As part of the team building efforts, we have initiated SBS Team lunch. We also had a blast on the eve of new year celebrations. I would like to congratulate the volunteers for organizing such events along with Mr Bhyrav and Mr Rajesh, who have put in so much efforts to make the events successful and wish many more events and active participation from the team which will result in improvement of work culture. 

    We have added Mr Madhu J to the team. Mr Madhu J comes from a corporate background and has a flair for practice and thought our office would be the right platform to realize his potential and dream. I wish Mr Madhu a wonderful journey in our organisation and I am sure that he will have all your support in the process. 

    I am glad that the team size has grown to 70 and soon we might have to move to a new place. I am also glad that Mr Bharani D, Chartered Accountant has joined the team and I hope that this organisation would be an appropriate platform for him to achieve his professional milestones.

    I would also take this opportunity to congratulate Mr Saran for becoming a full-time entrepreneur and joining his family practice of chartered accountancy. I wish on behalf of the entire team hearty congratulations and all the best for his future endeavors.

    SBS found a new address in Vizag and I congratulate Mr Ramprasad, Partner of Vizag Branch and wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

    Now, the time has come to reflect on the way forward. Firm is planning to achieve 100% growth rate in revenues in ensuing year and I am confident that the entire team would support.

    It would be injustice, if I do not give credits to the efforts of unsung hero of the team, Mr Raghu, Admin, who with his positive spirit plays an important role and see that the organisation is sailing without any turbulences.

    I would also take this opportunity to congratulate the entire partners and their committees namely Accounts and Administration Committee, Technical Committee, Events Committee and other committees for guiding the Core Committee to steer the organisation in the right direction.

    I would like to appreciate the efforts of Mr. Harsha and other partners for their support in launching the revamped website of our office with dynamic features and taking opportunity to launch on the auspicious SBS Annual Day.

    I once again congratulate the entire team on completion of 9 years and pay my regards to every stake holder who has contributed to our success and enhancing the brand SBS. 

    I am so happy that participation from Mr Kiran’s and Mr Sreehari’s team makes the event more memorable. Let’s celebrate this occasion. 

    Yours Truly,

    Suresh Babu Sannareddy,

    Chairman cum Managing Partner