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    Audit of Housekeeping Department

    What is a Housekeeping department? 

    As the name suggests, this department is responsible for keeping the house, in prime and proper shape. The basic rule of Housekeeping department is to ensure the comfort of the guest in a clean, hygienic and pleasant ambiance. 

    This department is responsible for cleaning of guest rooms, Public areas, upkeep of the lawns and plants placed at various places, maintenance of linen and uniforms of the staff. 

    In this article, we will discuss how to conduct the audit of housekeeping department. 

    Sub-Process Under Housekeeping Department 



    Room and

    Uniform and


    Linen controls

    property cleaning

    Basic Registers Maintained by the department 

    • Log Register: It contains all the details mentioned by shift supervisors.
    • Attendance register: Attendance of the employees working at the department are mentioned
    • Departure register: the expected departures for the day are mentioned in this register 
    • Duty register: It is the register which contains all the details of the work done by the employees (i.e which is room is cleaned and who has supervised that) 
    • Key Issue register: It contains the record of room keys issued to staff.
    • Lost and Found register: Contains all the lost item details of the guest. 

    Front office is dependant on Housekeeping department for sale of rooms. Let us discuss how to verify the general clearing process. 

    ?Checkwhether the departure register is maintained and updated regularly ?Verifywhether the front office duty manager passes on the guest departure list to the concerned floor supervisor. 

    ?Thechambermaid (Staff who cleans the room) cleans the rooms and after verification of supervisor the room is released. This can be checked by verifying Duty register. 

    ?Incasethere is any maintenance issue the same should be intimated to the engineering department, check whether the same is backed with proper authenticated document. 

    ?Incaseofissues post guest check-in, regular follow-ups are to be done with the guest to give him a comfortable stay. This can be done by verification of Log book. 

    Linen and Uniform – Controls and Utilization. 

    Linen and Uniform is one of the major part of inventory in hotel industry. Linen and fabric is important to ensure effectiveness in hotel’s operations. 

    Without linen and fabric, a hotel cannot provide service that will lead to customer satisfaction. 

    Housekeeping department is responsible for proper selection of linen and using proper procedures for linen and fabric handling. 

    Audit checklist for uniform issue 

    ?Verifywhether the uniforms are properly placed in different shelfs and the same have been labelled. 

    ?Verifyonwhat basis uniform is issued to the employees. ?Verifywhether any register is maintained for exchange of soiled for fresh. ?Verifyanyregister is maintained in case new uniforms are issued to existing employees. ?Verifyanyregister is maintained when all the soiled items are sent to laundry and fresh are being received. 

    ?Verifywhether inventory taking is done periodically and the way discarding process is there. ?Incaseof Issuance of new uniforms to new employees check whether approval from HR department has been obtained or not. 

    ?Incaseany slips/register is maintained for the same reconcile it with new employees list after obtaining it from HR. 

    ?Incaseofstitching of new uniforms, the following must be verified ?Anyspecial approvals are needed for stitching of new uniforms ?Whetherpurchase requisitions are placed for procurement of material ?Vendorselection process for procurement of material/stitching of uniforms. 

    Audit checklist for Linen Issued 

    ?Verifywhether any register/slips are maintained for issue of fresh against soiled.

    ?Verifywhether inventory taking is done periodically.

    ?Verifywhether all the linen of different outlets is placed separately.

    ?Analysisisto be done on discarded linen. 

    ?Theprocess of discarding has to be keenly observed to check whether the discarded linen is sold or recycled. 

    Housekeeping Inventory 

    ?Itincludesall the guest amenities, supplies and cleaning supplies. ?Verifytheprocess of procurement and storage of the same in the department ?Incaseinventory is procured by placing indents comparison is to be done between quantity as

    per indents placed and quantity received(either mentioned in stock taking report or register being maintained) 

    ?Checkwhether stock taking is done monthly and any items whose balance is nil are procured immediately. 

    ?Verifywhether the personals are having the track of the inventory handed over to chambermaids and ultimately placed in the room (i.e how much quantity is procured from stores and how much is ultimately utilized). 

    ?Physicalverification is to be done to validate the reports maintained by them.


    ?Cleaningsupplies include all those items which are used by the chambermaids to clean the rooms and premises 

    ?Verifytheprocedure of procurement of cleaning supplies. 

    ?Verifywhether any register is maintained and updated for consumption of cleaning supplies. ?Obtainthe stock report in case the personals conduct stock verification in the month end. ?Incasethe procurement of supplies is by placing indents to stores, reconciliation is to be done between stock report and the indents placed. 

    ?Incaseany chemicals are placed with the housekeeping department precautions are to be taken to see that the chemicals are properly labelled and are placed away from the ground. 

    Verification of Lost and Found items 

    Lost and found articles are those which are left by the guest in the hotel premises(Rooms/Banquet hall 

    Audit Checklist: 

    • Check whether any register is maintained and updated regularly 
    • If any reports can be extracted from the software used by client extract the same. Completeness of the report is to be verified.
    • Reconciliation between the report and manual register is to be done
    • Storage process of lost and found items is to be known and the same is to be validated. 
    • Check whether the contact details of guest mentioned in the register is similar to that provided at the front office 
    • Check whether each guest is contacted about their item. Validation is to be done whether the guest is handed over his item (i.e check any authentication of guest is taken at the time of handing over the item). 
    • In case the item is claimed by any person other than guest verify the precautionary steps taken by the management before issuance. 
    • Verify the disposal policy of the lost and found items, the same must be validated. 

    Guest Feedback Analysis 

    ?Feedbackof the guest is important for any improvement.

    ?Checkinwhat ways feedback is collected from the guest.

    ?Obtainthe guest feedback registers and other feedback reports.

    ?Categorize the guest feedback and prepare an analysis. 

    ?Incaseofany repetitive feedback verify the steps taken by management to resolve the same (i.e in case the guest is complaining about insects in the room check the pest control agreement and periodicity of conducting it). 

    ?Checkwhether all the negative feedback is escalated to the housekeeping manager and the same have been resolved. 

    Physical Verification 

    ?Checkwhether the Room is decorated and all the amenities are placed according to the SOP(Standard Operating procedure). In case there are deviations the supervisor is to be questioned about the same. 

    ?Physicalverification of linen, uniforms, other stock maintained at the department is to be done. ?Incaseofany deviations the same is to be reported and the reasons for the same are to be noted down 

    ?Aspertheguidelines of the Ministry of tourism for classification and reclassification of hotels, all star hotels shall provide at least one room for differently abled guests and the door and bathroom width is to be such that a wheel chair can pass. All hotels coming up after 01-04-2017 should have minimum door width of 90cms for both room as well as bathroom door and in case of existing hotels the above-mentioned clause is applicable from 01-04-2023.The same is to be verified. 


    Laundry is the section which takes care of the requirements of washing, pressing & dry cleaning in house itself. This section plays a major role in providing the department it’s effectiveness. All the linen to be used by the department must be washed and supplied on time by laundry. The section also caters to guests and there by generates revenue for the Hotel, as well. 

    Functions of Laundry 

    ?Cleaningof all in house linen, in coordination with Linen Room ?Laundering of all guest articles, as per their requests ?DryCleaning of all suitable articles or as per guest requests ?Removing any stains from linen items, as per the requirement 

    ?Maintaining close coordination with Maintenance department for upkeep of all the machinery ?Co-Ordinating with Linen handling personals to ensure timely supply of fresh supply as per the requirement 

    Collection of Laundry from Guest 

    ?Verifywhether any register is maintained and updated after collecting the laundry from guest and returning the fresh back. 

    ?Verifywhether all the bills are prepared according to the register and posted in the system ?Verifyphysically whether any check is there by the personals before washing and delivering to 

    the guest(cross check with bill) 

    ?Checkwhether the clothes are segregated properly based on their colour/stains before washing. ?Checkanyregister is maintained for entering of information of pressing the cloths. ?Whiledelivering of laundry to the room in case there is a DND board the laundry is to be brought back and the same is being mentioned in any register ?Checkwhether any register is maintained for returning of laundry to the guest ?Obtainauthorized price list 

    ?Verifywhether the guest is charged according to the price list, in case of any deviations the same must be noted. 

    ?Verifywhether any bills are posted by laundry personals though the laundry service is complimentary. 

    Laundry of House linen and uniforms

    • Check whether any register is maintained and updated where soiled ones are sent from Housekeeping to laundry for washing.
    • Verify whether all the fresh received from laundry are equal to the soiled sent. In case of any deviations the same are to be escalated to the management. 


    Housekeeping department is one of the key department in the hotel. The sale of rooms, guest satisfaction depends on the efficiency of this department. As it is rightly said first impression is the best impression, it is the responsibility of the housekeeping department to maintain the standards of the hotel.

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