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    Reset Income Tax E-Filing Password

    It is important to note that the Income tax website does not have the option of recovering the old password. However, what you can do is that you can reset and create a new password and after creating a new password, you would be able to login through the new password.


    There are 2 methods of resetting the Income tax efiling password which have been described below :

    1. Through Income Tax Website
    2. By sending email to Income Tax Department


    1. Through Income Tax Website


    To reset the password on the income tax website, just click the login button and then click the ‘forget password’ option. You would now be required to enter your PAN No. and the Captcha Code displayed on the link and then click the ‘submit’ option. On submitting these details, you would be given 4 ways of recovering your Income Tax efiling password:


    1. Answer Secret Question


    1. Upload Digital Signature Certificate
    2. Enter e-filed acknowledgement number and Bank Account Number
    3. Using OTP Pins


    Method A: Answer Secret Question


    • In case you opt for this option, you would be required to mention Date of Birth (Date of Incorporation in case of companies)
    • Choose the secret question you had furnished at the time of creation of your account on the income tax website


    • Answer the secret question you have choosedand click Submit option


    Method B: Upload Digital Signature Certificate


    If you have previously registered your digital signature on the income tax website, you can also reset your password by simple uploading your digital signature.


    Method C: Enter efiling acknowledgement number & Bank Account Number


    • The acknowledge number would be mentioned in all income tax returns. You can furnish the acknowledgement number of any income tax return filed previously.
    • In case you don’t have your Income tax return, you can easily download it from your mailbox as well. Income tax Department. Always sends a copy of the ITR-V to your mailbox.




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    Method D: Using OTP Pins


    • After selecting this option you are required to choose any of the 2 options on the screen, one is Registered Email ID and Mobile Number and other is New Email ID and Mobile Number
    • On selecting any of those options, 2 pins are sent to your email and mobile number(one to mail and other to the mobile number)


    • Provide the 2pins in the places givenand click the ‘validate’ option
    • You can reset and confirm the new password


    After completing the details required in any of the above 4 manners, a new link would open up requiring you to create a new password. You can now login to your account using the newly created password.


    Note: You can login to your account after 12hours of resetting the password but not immediately.



    1. By sending mail to Income Tax Department.


    If the taxpayer is unable to reset his password through any of the above means, he can send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. requesting them to reset the password with the below mentioned details: -




    üTaxpayers Name

    üDateof Birth/Date of Incorporation

    üFather’s Name

    üMailing Address


    You would receive a reply from the income tax department. Within 48 hours and then you can reset your password on the Income tax efiling website.

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